Adidas Originals ZX Flux Discount

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Adidas Originals ZX Flux Discount

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Every year, for the past few at least, there's been an increased interest in the retro runner. Brands have been digging up models that built their legacies in the '80s and '90s. For adidas, that means the ZX 8000, a sneaker deisgned by Jacques Chassaing and Markus Thaler to be the ultimate running sneaker. With the minimalist ethos running strong within the same segment of consumers, much in large thanks to the Nike Roshe Run, adidas came strong with the ZX Flux: a seamless version of the 8000. The sneakers non-busy upper allowed to take on bright and crazy prints and created something refreshing at a time when the Roshe was getting tired. A few months later, adidas launched the #mizxflux app, which allowed users to put almost any image on the ZX Flux. The greatest thing about the Adidas Originals ZX Flux Discount , though, was its shape. A lot of runner fanatics complain about the bastardazation of the toe box's slope.

After the release of the "Photo Print" pack from this past weekend, it looks like we can expect more ZX Flux colorways in unique printed uppers. Five colorways—three for men and two for women—are expected to release and are exclusive to only Foot Locker. These new printed designs include camo and cheetah and are equipped with a ZX 8000 outsole and adidas' iconic heel cage. An official release date is not yet known, but if this past weekend's "Photo Print" pack is any indication of demand, these colorways will be an instant hit.The adidas Originals ZX Flux is having itself a huge year. We even featured it on our list of The Best New Sneakers of 2014 (So Far). One of the colorways responsible for putting the Three Stripes runner on the map is the eye-catching "Multicolor Prism."

has instantly become one of the most sought-after sneakers this year and it looks like that won't slow down anytime soon, especially with this recent Kanye sighting.Unless you've been living under a rock, then you should know that there's an addias Originals that's seriously making a push for one of the top sneakers of 2013 (so far). The sneakers in question and our Kicks of the Day is the adidas Originals ZX Flux in the "Infrared" colorway.The ZX Flux takes inspiration from the classic ZX 8000 runner, but with a sleeker build and updated tech. The "Infrared" pair features a bright red mesh upper with black accents on the three stripes logo and adidas' signature TPU heel cage. For maximum comfort, adidas sticks to its ZX 8000 roots and laces the ZX Flux with the classic Torsion midsole.

While some 'heads prefer to blend in with understated neutral colors, others need something a little more attention-grabbing. adidas Originals knows this, and that's why its latest Adidas Originals ZX Flux Black Outlet is one of the most visible yet.Dipped in a funky animal print, the adidas ZX Flux Vanguard "Chief Diver" has released early in association with New York's Extra Butter. The sneaker's upper is composed of full neoprene and features taped seams just in case you decide to do some diving of your own. Its underwater capabilities are further enhanced by glow in the dark accents at the heel, toe, and Three Stripes branding.Although it's not an official collaboration, Extra Butter is the only place you can get these right now. The good news is that there's still a full size run on the site, including small sizes in case you want to lace your lady for fall.

The adidas ZX Flux Primeknit isn't anywhere close to picking up the steam of the adidas NMD, but maybe the colorways on the horizon can help the model out. One of the ones in the works is this, a tonal red look.All-red shoes have sort of been done to death at this point though, so it's possible that this isn't really going to help the shoe.This Adidas Originals ZX Flux Black Outlet update uses Primeknit for its upper, suede on the heel stabilizer, and an NMD-like collar on top.The ZX Flux printing allows for literally immeasurable possibilities. adidas has put everything on the dynamic model, from waves, to graphic prints, to computer errors. And their fans have put on even more. But the best might be this light painting in black, red, and yellow that they’re calling the “Lava.” Although the image used isn’t actually of lava, it offers the same feeling of the heat, movement, and colors, especially with the matching sole.
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